Software Development

Internet software development is Gumboot’s core business specialty encompassing the entire system life-cycle - requirements analysis, data structure and algorithm design, coding, testing, deployment and maintenance.

There are important different between a static website and a dynamic software enabled website. A dynamic website can adapt to its visitors, perhaps providing an individualized experience for each person. More importantly though a software enabled website can automate a process that is currently being performed by a business employee. From the customers’ point of view they receive a consistent level of service at a time of their choosing - no having to call during office hours or waiting in telephone queues. From the business’s point of view, your Gumboot developed dynamic website is like having an extra pair of hands, but unlike an employee it doesn’t get sick, need holidays, leave for greener pastures, ask for a pay rise or have a "bad day".

Business process automation

For some business processes it's possible to completely automate and replace manual processes through software. The result is a business that runs by itself. A good example of such a business is which provides personalised swim training programmes. The Swimplan website handles member registrations including credit card processing. Swimplan members can then in their own time visit the site, input their current performance and then receive a customised training programme for the coming week. The only involvement required by the website's owner is a periodic check of email for customer enquiries.

Gumboot specialises in the development of database driven dynamic websites. Whether you have an existing process or business you would like to automate or an idea for a totally new online business, Gumboot has the necessary skill and experience to deliver a complete solution on time and on budget.

Website Development

In today’s connected world every business needs a website and yet surprisingly there continue to be businesses that have no online presence or worse an online presence that is dated and no longer accurately reflects the organisation.

Just like every business, every website is unique and deserves a tailor made design that reflects the branding of the business. Gumboot can work with your existing design/designer or develop a custom look for your website.

Our Design Methodology - you're along for the ride

For a website to be successful it must balance the expectations of its owner and its visitors. Some websites seek to entertain, others inform or facilitate some process or output. Good website design involves determining what the visitor expects to gain by using the site (finding information, purchasing goods, entertainment etc.) as well as how the website will integrate with the other business processes (sales, marketing, manufacturing etc.).

In order to achieve this design goal Gumboot believes that the business itself must be intimately involved in the design and development of the website - no one knows your business better than you. Gumboot’s website development methodology involves the website owner in the critical design decisions and approval milestones. For larger website development projects a prototype is developed - the advantage to both website owner and Gumboot being that at the end of the development process, there are no 'surprises' - the website looks and functions as both parties agreed, thus eliminating any costly modifications.

Taking care of the details

Gumboot realises that for many, establishing an online presence can be a foreign and often daunting process. Technology and the Internet is our business. We take care of the technology for you thus enabling you to concentrate on your business. Just as importantly Gumboot 'communicates' with you in your language and not in ours.

Internet Marketing

Internet marketing is all about extracting the most benefit from your website, be it increased exposure to potential new customers, increased revenue through higher turnover or kick starting a totally new online business, a solid Internet Marketing plan is a necessity to maximize your website investment.

Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the process of tailoring your website to improve its natural (sometimes called organic) performances on Internet search engines such as Google. There is a lot of misunderstanding surrounding this process and sometimes unrealistic expectations. There is no silver bullet promising a page one ranking in Google’s search results (and extreme caution should be exercised if such a result is ever promised or guaranteed) and logically there can’t be as it’s impossible for all of the millions of websites to simultaneously share this very limited space. There are however a number of techniques that are known to improve a website’s search performance, many of which are well understood and even promoted by the likes of Google, and SEO is the process by which these techniques are applied and then monitored (SEO should be considered an ongoing process).

Search Engine Marketing

Where as SEO concerns itself with the natural performance of a website, Search Engine Marketing (SEM) involves directly paying for website exposure. Without question SEM is the fastest way to increase visitor numbers to your website and is a tool that is best used in conjunction with a business’s other forms of advertising (print, radio, TV) in a coordinated manner. SEM can be a little daunting to the uninitiated due to the level of control available a creating a campaign. Gumboot can guide you through this process helping to achieve your goals as efficiently as possible.

Measuring Results

Any sort of marketing is pointless without the ability to measure performance. Without the correct tools in place it is very difficult to determine whether a marketing campaign is effective or not and more importantly why the campaign is performing the way it is. Gumboot can help install and the necessary tools that empower you to make the correct decisions regarding your website’s performance.

IT Consulting

IT Consulting has a very broad scope and definition that can best be summarised as a process of consultation, analysis and reporting that enables an organisation to maximise the benefit of information technology in order to meet its goals. IT Consulting should encompass all aspects of the organization – stakeholders, customers, suppliers and is certainly not just an exercise in shopping for the latest technology gadgets.

If your organisation, regardless of size, has a particular problem to solve or may benefit from an independent assessment, then Gumboot offers a broad and varied business IT background spanning more than 25 years from which to draw experience from.

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