Customer Support

Configuring your Email Program

Configure your email program using the following settings:

Incoming (POP3) server
Outgoing (SMTP) server
as supplied by your internet service provider eg.,
Important: Spark Xtra customers must contact Spark customer support to have their email address verified to permit sending from a third party domain name eg.
as supplied by Gumboot eg. acme01
as supplied by Gumboot (note passwords are case sensitive)
no encryption
Server settings
Ensure that Remove messages immediately from server / Don’t leave messages on server is selected

Note: If you require access to your email from more than one device eg. laptop, mobile phone and tablet it is strongly recommended that you use a hosted IMAP service such as Google Apps or Microsoft Windows 365. Contact Gumboot for help in setup.

Using Webmail

If you need to access your email while away from your computer, for example on vacation, use the simple Webmail interface. To access Webmail visit the following web page: »

Login using your email address and password (case sensitive) as supplied by Gumboot.

Viewing Webstats

To view simple webstats visit the following web page: replace with your domain name

as supplied by Gumboot
as supplied by Gumboot (case sensitive)

For comprehensive website traffic analysis Gumboot recommends the free Google Analytics package. Contact Gumboot for help in setup.

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